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Organisers and Reps

Find out who runs the club, which rep looks after your area and their real names. Contact details can be found in the Member's area of the Forum.


Foxytanith - Founder and Honorary Member - Pat

bladerunner - Web Site, Forum, Events - Pete and Gill

KentKruzer - Advertising and Sponsorship - Chris

Rebelracers - Treasurers - Kevin and Michelle

Safra Cat and Flaming Frank - PITP - Sarah and Frank

Steelcruisers - Membership and Newsletter - Helen and Trevor


bladerunner - Pete and Gill

Safra Cat and Flaming Frank - Sarah and Frank

Steelcruisers - Helen and Trevor

big hairy bloke - John

Blondie - Wayne

Gonzo U Muppet - Tim

Penfold - Mick

Shep - Mark

Tinca - Adrian

Chuckette - Tracey

clarkey - Kevin

Dave G - Dave

Fab Cruiser - David

GT_Leesa - Lisa

ice blue - Alan and Jet


County coverage

big hairy bloke - Essex

bladerunner - Bristol & Bath, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Devon & Cornwall

Blondie - Kent

Chuckette - Lincolnshire and Yorkshire

clarkey - North Essex and Suffolk

Dave G - Somerset, Devon and Cornwall

Fab Cruiser - North London & Buckinghamshire

Gonzo U Muppet - Worcestershire, Shropshire and West Midlands

GT_Leesa - West Midlands

ice blue - North East

Penfold - Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

Safra Cat and Flaming Frank - Suffolk and Norfolk

Shep - Hampshire, Berkshire

Steelcruisers - Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex

Tinca - Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes and Cambridgeshire

VESPULA - Northamptonshire

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